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Reality-Detroit Lion’s version

Gentle Lion’s fans, Well, now it’s all out in the open for all to see. The Lion’s defense is found lacking both against the run and the passing attack. This weeks’ game highlighted the futility of Detroit’s run defense and offensive running ability. Just look at the running ‘stats’ on both sides of the ball. […]

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Another weird Lion’s game

Gentle Lion’s fans, Not trusting my memory, I took three pages of notes during the game. Yes, the men in Honolulu blue won but how they got there is up for debate. The brightest spot was Stafford. Others had their moments such as Jones and Tate. A 3-3 tie at the half can be easily […]

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A real win-no charity

Gentle Lion’s fans, It wasn’t pretty but it was a win and we’ll take it as such. Still some ‘dropped passes’, frustrating but no impact on games’ outcome. Penalties still on the high side. The big ‘albatross’ is allowing an opposing team’s QB to pass for over 300 yards. The Lion’s ‘running game’ barely sufficed. […]

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Thank you Eagles for the ‘gifts’!

Gentle Lion’s fans, Game recap: score big points in the first half, then do practically nothing on offence until the Eagles give you a gift allowing you to win the game. Second half produced three possession with three and out. Just for novelty sake, let’s try to put two half’s of a game with the […]

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Ineffectual Bears rises above the ineffective Lions

Wow, where to start. First, condolence to all of you who watched the entire game. One can assume three pathetic routine plays have cemented themselves into the Lion’s playbook. First we have the ‘don’t get called on a stupid penalty unless it materially effects the games’ outcome’. Second, drop all passes that can potentially create […]

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