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Marvinudy is retired and has a chemical and marketing background. My interest in computers started with my first Atari 800 and I was ‘hooked’. Over the years what started as a interesting fascination, morphed into an almost obsessive hobby made easy by retirement.

As an aside, let me say that the one and only ‘typing’ class taken in high school turned out to be a great investment. Like most corporate folks, using Microsoft systems was the defacto standard. Migration from DOS onward just happened. Somewhere in the 80’s, I was exposed to Linux. Early attempts were a dismal failure. Compiling kernels was way over my head. Then came the introduction of a pre-compiled Linux distribution called Mandrake on CD. Full speed ahead from that point on.

Today, it’s not unusual to have eight to ten Linux distributions installed across multiple hard drives. The volume of new information dictated that only what was necessary about equipment, systems and commands be absorbed. Also, I refurbish cast-off computer and donate them to students and elderly folks in my brother’s church group. Kids today entering middle school without home computer access are at a disadvantage.

Currently, 2016, I’ve installed a NAS server as a repository of my ‘stuff’. Learned a great deal in the process of setting up freeNAS. Built a new I-6100 machine to power the server and use a simple RAID ‘0’ configuration with 2 1Tb drives.

And lastly, I follow my ‘beloved’ Detroit Lions for better or worse.

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