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Insanity strikes again Lion’s style

Gentle Lion’s fans, Whoever is responsible for the well worn quote about the insanity of repeating the same actions and expecting a different outcome apparently envisioned the Detroit Lions. The “stench” from this game in Cincinnati wafted all the way back to Detroit and required emergency use a “barf” bag. No need to bother ‘highlighting’ […]

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Ugly ‘gift’ from Chicago Bears

Gentle Lion’s fans, This ‘gift’ was so bad it should have come with a ‘gift return tag’. Ponder this. A team with a rookie QB racks up more total yards, more first downs and more passing yards and still looses the game. Yep, the Lion’s ‘prodigious’ running game managed to surpass Chicago’s run game. Yes […]

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“Ground Hog Day” performance

Gentle Lion’s fans, Well, we’ve seen it before. Detroit’s ‘Silver Sieve’ defense allows an opponent to run up 400 yards of offence but the Lion’s passing game ekes out a win with Prater’s last second field goal. E. Ebron, aka ‘brick hands’ has a great game but managed a fumble and drop a critical 3rd […]

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Lion’s playoff chances: “DNR”

Gentle Lion’s fans, As a fortuitous act of mercy I only watched or listened to part of the Lion’s game against the Ravens. Can we now get off all the “losers’ blather” and get on with our 60th year of rebuilding. Looking at the game stats and one wonders how the final score could be […]

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