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Yea verily, cast out the demons one by one

The Lion’s game at Green Bay started with a cruel, sadistic ‘poke in the eye’ miscue. Then the Lion’s defensive tide rolled in to drown Green Bay’s perpetual 12th man stadium crowd. Oh how bitter the bile of watching your Packers manage 20 yards of offence and 2 first downs in the game’s first half. […]

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Roller Coaster time ??

This was a genuine ‘fun’ game to watch even though trepidation lurked in the background of seasoned Lion’s fans. What prompted the frenetic, swarming defence to show up for the Lion’s game against Atlanta? Let’s hope it was the resolution and resurrection of execution from days of yore. Repeat performances against seasoned, strong offensive schemes […]

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Weakness exploited

Looking at game stats, the game was a ‘toss-up’ until you factor in turnovers. Both teams posted large passing yardage with modest running games. Detroit Lion’s glaring weakness in the defensive secondary against Seattle’s passing game was on full display. This is not to say the Seahawks did not prove much of a barrier to […]

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Guess who came to play?

Well, well, well, hell can freeze over and the Detroit Lions can play football. Who could have guessed. For beleaguered Lion’s fans this performance shaped up to be an all to familiar scenario. Then the haunting legacy ‘Demons’ were seemingly, at least temporarily, put out to pasture and our Lions defeated last year’s Super Bowel […]

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