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Savior the moment!

Written By: marvinudy - Jan• 12•24

For a moment set aside the last game with the Vikings and relish gains made this season. Even with external forces outside of anyone’s control, the Lions had a very good season. Yes, the division was less robust than historical norms but the Lions are undisputed NFC North champions. From here the road traveled becomes treacherous and unforgivably fatal to those that falter.

Now onto the Viking’s game. No denying the Lion’s pass defense is still lacking. Viking’s N. Mullens, far back in the QB rotation, still passed for over 400 yards against Detroit. Based on the game ‘stats’ this game should have been a blowout. Rushing yards and time of possession were grossly lopsided. Unfortunately, victory came with unintended injury consequences.

No matter what the post season brings, the Detroit Lions are for real. They may be solid, ragged, sloppy or ugly in any given game but they will show up to play warts and all.

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