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Spirited loss-surprise?

Gentle Lion’s fans, We saw some affirmations, both positive and negative, of preconceived notions. Foremost is that Goff is no Stafford. Goff failed to execute when most needed. Stats support that our Lion’s secondary pass defense is woefully inadequate. LAR offense was 87% passing. On a few carries by Swift, their were some ‘Barry’ moves […]

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Grin and bear it. More to come!

Get used to the patina of defeat. After trading stupid penalties the game settled down into a familiar pattern of three and out for the Lions. As a natural follow on, the Bengals proceeded to eviscerate the Lion’s defense. Leave your defense on the field and eventually even the best of shape individuals will tire. […]

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Seizure of defeat from jaws of victory-again

Humpty Dumpty is still broken with no chance of reassembly this season. “Silver Sieve” defense is alive and well. Additional key player injures enhance an outlook of a truly dismal season beyond the first five games. Fans will be treated to derision as permanent keepers of the “doormat” of NFL teams. So far we’ve been […]

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Groundhog season is upon us!

Gentle Lion’s fans, After four games into the season, this scenario should be blatantly familiar. Only item missing is a ‘sacrificial lamb’ who was exiled to the west coast. What have we seen that is new? Well, an innovative way to fumble was superbly executed when a unexpected snap from center ricocheted off the QB […]

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