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Dramatic show of what?

Gentle Lion’s fan, As you have discovered by now, screaming at the TV does not alter our Lion’s execution. Harbinger of things to come arrived almost immediately when ‘brick hands’ Ebron dropped a pass from Stafford that unfortunately hit him in the hands. Amassing 480 yards of offence and yielding 5 field goals is an […]

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Charade Lion’s style

Gentle Lion’s fans, With apologies to the Bard, it was a ‘Comedy of Errors’. Bizarre is a fitting description for the Lion’s game with the Saints. What a titanic defensive display by both teams. A meager 726 yards of total offense was allowed. Easily lost in the melee of stats is the Lion’s total 66 […]

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Lion’s meet reality

Gentle Lion’s fans, This game was painful to watch. First off, the offensive line execution put Stafford’s life in jeopardy. In case you missed recent events, he was signed for ‘BIG’ money as a franchise QB. Must give some credit to the Panthers defensive line and secondary. They kept Stafford bottled up and Lion’s pass […]

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We’ll take the win but no jubilation just yet

Gentle Lion’s fans, Three positive perceptions and one negative from Sunday’s game. Time of possession was very good. Fair running game displayed. Stafford passed to eight different receivers. Official’s perceptions went the Lions way on two possible pass interference calls late in the game. One was clearly missed and the second a toss up. Clear […]

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