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Finally, the pieces work together

This  was almost like a fairy tale dream.  All the pieces came down from never-never land and formed a coherent exhibition of a professional NFL team.  The offence was effective and devastating.    The defence made ‘stops’ when it counted.  And finally, a “killer instinct” that was solely lacking emerged in full bloom.    Even […]

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Ragged, but it was a win

You can’t win ‘big’ games by kicking field goals.  Scoring touchdowns when the opportunity presents itself is crucial.  When “Brick Hands” Ebron dropped a sure touchdown pass I feared the worst outcome. Whether it was the combination of Lion’s play calling, key defensive stops, or an inept play by Oakland we’ll take the win.  Stafford […]

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Escaping from the ‘jaws of defeat’ Lion’s style

You had to see this game to believe it.  Green Bay stunk up the place and actually made the Lions look semi competitive.  When is the last time you remember Lambeau field fans boo the Packers?  Creative and inventive in finding new ways to give the opposing team ‘another chance, another chance and another chance’ […]

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“God saved the Queen” but forgot about the Lions

Just when you think you have seen it all.  The stench spanned the Atlantic ocean all the way back to Detroit.  Ray Charles could have directed the KC offence and still won the game by 45 points.  Up until the 4th quarter your punter was Detroit’s most effective weapon.  After the opening drive resulted in […]

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