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Finally, the pieces work together

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 26•15

This  was almost like a fairy tale dream.  All the pieces came down from never-never land and formed a coherent exhibition of a professional NFL team.  The offence was effective and devastating.    The defence made ‘stops’ when it counted.  And finally, a “killer instinct” that was solely lacking emerged in full bloom.    Even ‘brick hands’ Ebron functioned well.

This refreshing refurbished conversion to winning is going a long way to establising respectibility and fan endearment.  An endless streak of wins for the rest of the season is an unreasonable expectation.  However, if credit is due, it’s due to Jim Bob Cooter.

The Lions are no longer predictable and that makes them very dangerous oponents. Maybe it’s time for Bobby Lane to rest in peace.


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