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Ugly is as Ugly does-apology to F. Gump

First the good.  Stafford did not get carried off the field in the ‘cart’.  All the rest was just ugly. How about that running game with 19 carries for a whopping net of 28 yards.  Stafford had to be quick on the pass release in order to avoid being impaled by Denver’s defence.  No results […]

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The bad, ugly and despicable

If this game was a demonstration of Lion’s progress in our 58th year of rebuilding,  we’re already ‘screwed’ for the season.  Beyond pathetic are the words that immediately come to mind.  I think allowing an expensive QB to function as a piñata is something new even for the Lions.  So much richly deserved criticism is […]

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De Javu all over again

After the first 21 points you could sense the ‘ghost’ of seasons past.  Then things began to fall into place.  The first was the ‘stupid’ encroachment penalty giving San Diego an automatic first down and subsequent touchdown.  From then on it was “downhill” in a hurry for the defense.     Stand back and watch San Diego […]

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Ready or not here comes the 58th version of the Lion’s rebuilding

Now that the pre-season is in the review mirror,  the ‘real deal’ playing starts.  What can we expect? Stafford is in his ‘make or break’ year.  He’ll move on up in stature or become just another ‘coulda bin’. The newly reorganized running back scheme will make or break the season. No running game just guarantees […]

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