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Bottom of the barrel; home sweet home.

It was a struggle but the Detroit Lion’s came through with flying colors. Look at the game stats and you could conclude the Lions won the game. However, kicking field goals vs scoring touchdowns, shabby special teams play, usual stupid penalties and of course an inexperienced QB made it all really innovative losing to a […]

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Condolence to those who watched!

Painful but predictable is watching the Lions flail away trying to pretend they are contenders. Kudos to Driskel who showed improvement over his previous game. Beyond that comment nothing much is left to say. The statistics speak for them selves. Your defense giving up over 500 yards of offense is a ‘death wish’ in the […]

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Into the season’s sunset

Here we are at the ‘exit’ door of another season. No emergency sign above the door, just a portal into the ally way of NFL wanna bees. No surprise that Stafford finally succumbed to a critical injury considering the ‘beating’ he has had to endure. This scenario is, with apologies to L. Carroll’s Christmas Story, […]

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Maestro, cue up the requiem

What you saw is what you’ll get for the rest of the season. Stafford’s arm can not compensate for a lousy defense. Over 900 yards total games’ offense tells the entire story. Lion’s defensive effort made Radier’s D. Carr look better than average. Add in Radier’s rushing advantage and presto another valiant Lion’s effort added […]

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