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“Ground Hog Season”, again

Gentle Lion’s fans, The game stats tell the entire story. Detroit not only got ‘run’ over but ‘passed’ over. Spot a team a 13 point lead in the first quarter and then try to play ‘catch-up’ football with no running game, let the infamous ‘silver sieve’ defense allow over 400 yards of offence and presto […]

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Lull before the storm

Gentle Lion’s fans, As usual the Lion’s played down to their opponents level. Evidence is in the game stats. Chicago had more first downs and huge rushing yardage advantage. Third down efficiency is not playoff caliber. If the tools existed to execute a ‘balanced’ offence, they should be evident by now. Bottom line, the Lion’s […]

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The art of ‘playing down’ to an opponents level

Gentle Lion’s fans, Yes a win is a win but this one was troubling. A record losing team with a little known QB manages to run up 423 yards of offence including 200 yards of rushing. Time of possession was the inverse of expectations. Where was everybody during the first half of the game? This […]

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Been here before and disappointed with outcome.

Gentle Lion’s fans, Good game to view. First the positives. Time of possession was dominating. E. Ebron (aka “brick hands”) caught three passes and made some good blocks. Stafford did not have to run for his life to many times. On the negative side remains some more of the same. Lack of a ‘smash mouth’ […]

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