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Do you hear what I hear?

The bells tolling in the background are for the end of the Stafford era in Detroit. Our decimated Lion’s need to be put out of their misery. Matthew Stafford deserves a better outcome than dying on the rotted Lion’s vine. Maybe the Rams could use a seasoned QB? The Buccaneer’s game was a splendid example […]

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The ‘fat lady’ phones it in!

Well here we are again. After 62 years of practice, the ‘fat lady’ has the script down pat. Start with high expectations followed by mediocre results. Add in a few dramatic moments of coaching changes with predictable let downs from ‘coulda/shoulda’ moments wrapped around key injuries and initial signals of twilight from an exceptional athletic […]

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And the saga continues

As a beleaguered fan, could we please have the team that played the 2nd half of the Chicago game play out the season? This request is not to awaken dark thoughts of coherent team play but just to demonstrate a reasonable resemblance to competitiveness. In the fading minutes of Chicago’s last gasp drive, our beloved […]

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