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The bad, ugly and despicable

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 20•15

If this game was a demonstration of Lion’s progress in our 58th year of rebuilding,  we’re already ‘screwed’ for the season.  Beyond pathetic are the words that immediately come to mind.  I think allowing an expensive QB to function as a piñata is something new even for the Lions.  So much richly deserved criticism is like shooting fish in a barrel.  Lets start with Stafford being the leading rusher.  Was he rushing for yardage or trying to save his life?  Based on the beating he took, I think it was the latter.  Now we have the “Silver Sieve” offensive line as part of the game plan.  Oh, did I mention the running backs took the week off.

Fear not, as a gesture of good will, the Lion’s perfectly executed an insane penalty on a crucial goal stand line giving the Vikings a second chance for a touchdown.  Somehow, when your two biggest pass threats are ineffective, it’s a good move to institute plan “B” passing schemes.  On the other side of the line, A. Pererson had a great day against the Lion’s defence.  Who possibly could have anticipated that performance?  Yes good people we’ve seen the same scenario from games past.  Last but not least, pass receivers developed a terminal case of ‘stone hands’ instead of catching the ball.

It’s hard not to be deflated as a fan but fear not, Lion’s paraphernalia will shorty be on the 50% off table at Sam’s Club if this level of execution continues.


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