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SPLAT! Ugly Landing

In this case the game stats are deceiving. However, this game was ‘over’ at first half’s ending. Two unassailable facts were evident. Number one is that J. Love was so unmolested in pass attempts, Stevie Wonder could have found an open receiver. Secondly, Packers defense spent as much time in the Lion’s backfield as D. […]

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Ghost of M. Stafford visits Ford Field

Lion’s fans were treated to a genuine flashback of a ‘come from behind win by J. Goff. Bears had this game won except for the remaining 4:15 of playing time. Taking points via a field goal was the ‘safe bet’. Bears had a running game and Lion’s offence was sputtering. Hats off to Detroit’s defense […]

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Titanic defensive dual equals Lion’s win!

Delusions of grandeur were brought into clear focus at game’s end. It’s not easy for two teams to generate almost 1,000 yards of offence. Entertaining yes but not suitable for seasonal success. One can expect every team for the rest of the schedule to replicate the same passing attack as the Chargers implemented. On the […]

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