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The win over Atlanta was a display of how two struggling teams keep things interesting. Atlanta had the game as they say, ‘in the bag’ and then they gave the ball back to Detroit’s quarter back who has a history of pulling off miracles within minutes to play. Story book ending for Detroit. Atlanta was […]

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Do not be deceived!

The last two week have been great. The Lion’s did not lose during the ‘bye’ week and won against a terrible team last Sunday. Lion’s history is replete with multiple versions of this scenario through out our 63 years of rebuilding. At this juncture of the season it would be masochistic to even allow a […]

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“Crying time again”

After last weeks’ anomaly, IE a win, our beloved Lions returned to form. Firstly, concede that New Orleans is a good team. But from there our 63rd year of rebuilding is a complete and utter bust. What you ask leads to the defeat? Consider all the stats impacting the game:time of possession, third down conversions, […]

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