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And they keep winning!

Written By: marvinudy - Jan• 23•24

Incremental improvements continue to evolve. Game with Tampa Bay Bucs again not deigned as a defensive duel with almost 800 yards of total offense. Lions donated only 17 penalty yards, committed no fumble and threw zero interceptions. Lion’s defensive rush made QB sacks when they counted. Play calling had its moments, seemingly innovative or ‘bland’ depending on your risk tolerarnce.

J. Goff had a great 4th quarter surge and needs to find a way to go ‘balls out’ from start to finish. Downfield pass defense is still weak and containment of ‘running QBs’ is suspect. At this stage not much can be done to mitigate pass defense shortcomings except score big allotment of offense.

Looking ahead, San Fran’s 49ers can be had. B. Purdy needs to be contained and allowed minimum time to work his pass progression. Lion’s need a strong run game from Montgomery and company.

Every game is ‘crunch time’. No need to waste on ‘what ifs’ at this juncture.

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