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Average vs average but entertaining

Gentle Lion’s fans, Detroit had a running game until the injury of Johnson. Bleak omen for the rest of the season. Blount seems to second guess his self to much and gets stuffed. Third down conversion are still miserable. Touchdown opportunities need to be ‘cashed in’ instead of settling for field goals. Major weakness against […]

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Hope springs eternal except for the Detroit Lions

Gentle Lion’s fans, If you had any doubts, this game punctuated all the flaws, shortcoming and fallacious enthrallment about this being the season of recovery. Stafford continued to function as a pinata. Hopefully, he survives to seasons’ end. Even though the Lions are weak in many areas, this game squarely falls on the entire coaching […]

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Lion’s ship sinks with all aboard

Gentle Lion’s fans, The Vikings put an end to this seasons’ pipe dream of a ‘work in progress’. Little did we know that Stafford was put on a ‘run for your life’ or ‘eat dirt’ diet. The harbinger of futility was evident on the very first play of the game. How do you have a […]

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