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No reprieve for this “Turkey”

Well, you have the answer to “how low can you go?”. This Lion’s performance almost warranted genuine pity. Except, we’ve seen this act before over and over. Patricia should have a hood over his entire head, not a bandit o face mask for this turkey of performance. In addition to the legacy baggage of feckless […]

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Barf, puke, upchuck, vomit, regurgitate, etc.

No need to elaborate after reading the title. Don’t bother looking at the stats. Nothing to see there but disaster. Key question. How much more abuse can Stafford absorb before a critical injury ends his career? In spite of all premonitions, I’ll watch the Thanksgiving day game. Di-hard to the end. Plenty of ‘Tums’ and […]

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A win in spite of*

Let’s start with a ‘victory’ for the “Silver Sieve” defense effort. They barely managed to hold Washington to under 500 yards of offence, 464 yards specifically. Time of possession was lopsided by almost 11.5 minutes which in perspective approaches a quarter of game playing time. How about blowing another double digit lead starting in the […]

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Welcome aboard the 64th rebuilding train.

Key indicators in the last two games stand out like a bad case of herpes! In the Colt’s game it was time of possession and in the recent Viking’s game it was the lopsided ratio of the ‘running game’. In the Colt’s game, defense deficiencies set aside, you cannot reasonably expect your defense to be […]

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