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A win in spite of*

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 16•20

Let’s start with a ‘victory’ for the “Silver Sieve” defense effort. They barely managed to hold Washington to under 500 yards of offence, 464 yards specifically. Time of possession was lopsided by almost 11.5 minutes which in perspective approaches a quarter of game playing time. How about blowing another double digit lead starting in the third quarter? Sound familiar?

Now for the ‘good’ parts. The Lion’s generously contributed to Washington’s offensive drives with well timed pass interference penalties. Smith was allowed to get into rhythm and resulted in 375 yards passing.

Not to be outdone, Washington upped the level of stupid penalties with a hit on Stafford that was really dumb resulting in a fresh set of down. The rest is history. Prater’s kick looked like it could have cleared 65 yards with ease.

Notwithstanding, this performance does not portend a winning season. The 64th year of rebuilding is still on schedule with new geniuses at the helm.

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