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Fun to watch but of no consequence

Looks like the ‘boys’ had some fun today. Somehow the 49ers stole the ‘timely stupid penalty’ play book from the Lion’s locker room. Hats off to ‘brick hands’ Ebron for hanging onto passes thrown in his direction. Whatever effected Calvin seems to be wearing off. To bad he missed the one ‘circus catch’. Would have […]

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Entertaining but so what!

Well, well. Another first half performance followed by a ‘meltdown’ in the second half. What should have been a complete ‘blow out’ game evaporated because the Lion’s failed again the show the ‘killer instinct’. One has to question why they took a ‘delay of game’ penalty at games’ end when a successful field goal attempt […]

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Back to business as usual, Lion’s style

Initially, I was ‘bummed out’ because of a TV blackout where I was. Listened to most of the game via internet radio. In retrospective this was a blessing in disguise. Lack of visual input saved about 30 points in elevated blood pressure. This game is typically what you would expect from two 4-8 teams. Pepi […]

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ENCORE: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

Die hard fans I fell prey to a delusional psychosis and actually believed the Lions had exhausted all possible ways to lose a game.  Did you listen to your “gut” sense after the first half of the game and recognize that eerie feeling of the Lions being at a familiar fork in the road?  Should […]

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