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Back to business as usual, Lion’s style

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 14•15

Initially, I was ‘bummed out’ because of a TV blackout where I was. Listened to most of the game via internet radio. In retrospective this was a blessing in disguise. Lack of visual input saved about 30 points in elevated blood pressure. This game is typically what you would expect from two 4-8 teams. Pepi Le Pu, a skunk cartoon character for all of you to young to know, would be proud of the stench emanating Lion’s style from this game. One must assume a giant “brain fart” overtook the entire Lion’s organization.

Suffer we must as long term Lion’s fans. But agonies end is visible in the season’s sunset with the siren call of a 58th year of rebuilding rising like a zombie from the cesspool of lost promises from 57 years past. Surely at seasons’ end an organizational exorcism will take place to placate the disillusioned fans and conjure up fantasies of great things to come.

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