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Lion’s Turkey 2-furs

The Cleveland game was a harbinger of things to come for Thanksgiving day. In Cleveland, the LIon’s ‘Silver Sieve’ defense only granted 368 yards of offense to the Browns. Accomplishing this feat only required the Browns to run 66 plays from scrimmage and be ‘gifted’ 82 penalty yards compliments of the Lions. Yes, Detroit’s Swift […]

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0-17 safe but 0-16 alive and well

Wow this one was close. Neither team seemed poised or really wanted to win. Yes, lots of ‘run’ yardage was accomplished by the Lion’s offense but to what end? Goff missed what should have been a relatively open scoring reception. A missed extra point and sorry kick on a field goal attempt and blaming the […]

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Way beyond ugly

Selection of words to describe this game with the Eagles is very short and succinct. Little was left to the imagination because futility was on real time display moment by moment. No reason to beat a ‘dead horse’ when the obvious is staring you up front in your face. This team has no run defense, […]

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