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Way beyond ugly

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 04•21

Selection of words to describe this game with the Eagles is very short and succinct. Little was left to the imagination because futility was on real time display moment by moment. No reason to beat a ‘dead horse’ when the obvious is staring you up front in your face. This team has no run defense, pass defense and/or offensive capability. Depending on the opponent, the choice of weakness is exploited by their run game, passing game or both.

Presto, this is how you get to and 0-8 record with a genuine shot at a forever owner of 0-17 record to surpass the Lion’s enviable 0-16 season. We may see a spike in attendance as the season progresses as football history is in the making. Proliferation of the most loyal Lion’s fan discontent will result in an explosion of ‘grocery bag’ displays as the farcical second half of the season trudges to a dismal conclusion.

So much for our 64th year of rebuilding. The coaching staff can only do so much and as the old saying goes, “turn a pigs ear into a silk purse”. Not going to happen. A few gems may rise up by way of talent frost-heave in spite of the dearth of mediocrity but be not deceived, this team in a ‘clunker’.

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