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Fitting entry to our 59th year of rebuilding

Gentle Lion’s fans, This was a ‘stinker’ from the get go. Bile started gurgling up when Tate and ‘brick hands’ Ebron early on dropped sure passes. From there the down hill express to defeat left the station. No need to worry about containing Wilson’s running. Rawls shredded the Lion’s defense for ‘only’ 161 yards. Contrast […]

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Sheriff Rodgers runs Lions into the twilight zone of wild card games

Gentle Lion’s fans, The wooden stake or silver bullet, take your pick, materialized when M. Prater missed the seemingly routine field goal. As an added bonus A. Rodgers ran for yardage when it counted. Green Bay doubled Detroit’s running effort and had 50% more time of possession. It seemed that Stafford was just slightly off […]

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