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Silver sieve strikes again

Gentle Lion’s fans, When Stafford led the team to a touchdown and left 1:50 left on the clock, in your gut you just knew what was coming. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is the Lion’s well earned albatross. Elliot is in deed a great running back but the Lions make him look spectacular. […]

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Guess who came to dinner and got eaten?

Gentle Lion’s fans, Wow. Did the Lion’s improve or have the Patriots lost their edge? Doesn’t matter. This satisfying win was a long time coming. Admittedly, apprehension was ever present for the Lion’s to do one of their spectacular “shoot yourself in the foot” moments and blow the game. Now onto the good ‘stuff’. Time […]

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Another valiant effort-again

Gentle Lion’s fans, Here we go again. The ‘almost’ comeback after allowing the competition to forge a substantial lead. As stated before, pro football is a four quarter game. The Lion’s managed to ‘gift’ the 49ers ‘out a hole’ at every critical time. Stupid penalties were the offence champion of choice every time. Sarcasm intended. […]

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Ugly redefined Lion’s style

Gentle Lion’s fans, If you watched the game, it is best to pretend it was just a bedtime nightmare. Animal House football on display with apologizes to Bluto and the boys. We were promised a ‘work in progress’ and did we get it. How many sub-basements does this organization have and where are we? Maybe […]

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