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Ugly redefined Lion’s style

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 11•18

Gentle Lion’s fans,

If you watched the game, it is best to pretend it was just a bedtime nightmare. Animal House football on display with apologizes to Bluto and the boys. We were promised a ‘work in progress’ and did we get it. How many sub-basements does this organization have and where are we? Maybe after 60 years we finally reached ‘football hell’. Pathetic does not even begin to describe this game. Enough venom, on with observations. Sixty years of disillusionment toughens up a fans’ reality threshold over result fantasies.

Patrica and company should have donned brown paper bags over their heads during half time. Stafford forgot to pack his ‘superman’ cape and should have sat the bench for the entire second half. Risking your franchise player for a lost cause is plain stupid. As far as other team components, more of the same repetition from previous years. Even special teams got in on the debacle.

In summary, no coaching, no disciplined execution, no inspired play calling, no pass protection, no running game, no defense, and abhorrent offence. What is there to be improved upon! Oh, let’s not forget the new stoic ‘deer in the headlights’ look by coach Patrica on the sidelines. We have the makings of a long ugly season.


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