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Guess who came to dinner and got eaten?

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 24•18

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Wow. Did the Lion’s improve or have the Patriots lost their edge? Doesn’t matter. This satisfying win was a long time coming. Admittedly, apprehension was ever present for the Lion’s to do one of their spectacular “shoot yourself in the foot” moments and blow the game.

Now onto the good ‘stuff’. Time of possession was lopsided and mainly due to the resurrection of a running game. Johnson and Blount mitigated previous Lion’s single dimension offense. Kudos to open field tackling and the smother job done on the Gronk. New England graciously contributed with dropped passes and errant throws by Brady who may actually be mortal. And, really stupid penalties were notably for the most part absent in this game.

After watching how the Packers and Vikings played in their respective game, this season could be real interesting in spite of the 0-2 start. Let us not be overwhelmed with joy because based on the past 60 years, reality may be lurking in the shadows and can be a ‘bitch’ when offended by blind optimism. However, the after glow was earned by loyal Lion’s fans suffering for what seemed forever. May the ‘ghost’ of Bobby Lane be finally laid to rest.


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