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Mercy ending to a pittifull Lion’s year

To the bitter end I did watch. Only the Lions could negate a good punt with an obsecure penalty. Stafford contined in the first half to throw off his back foot. You knew what was coming when they had a 6 point lead in the closing minutes. Been there done that. Perfect execution by Rodgers […]

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On to the Lion’s 58th year of rebuilding

Classic Detroit Lion’s performance. Outstanding execution on how-to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. So much credit to go around. Start with spastic performance from Stafford, mix in a healty does of ‘drop-itus’ by your star receiver “Megatron”, pourous secondary pass defense, usual quota of ‘stupid’ penalties, failure to adjust play calling, and inopportune […]

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Missed Detroit-Eagles game-good thing

Location prevented me from watching the ‘Snow Bowl’ game in Philadelphia. Good thing in retrospect. Saved a few hairs I have left. Pathetic but classic Lion’s football. Now all we have to do is wait for the final ‘shoe’ to drop and then the ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ program will ensue. There is always our 58th […]

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Thank you Green Bay

Ok, it’s a win, however sloppy, it still counts. Commiting four turnovers will get you a loss most of the time. Do not forget the ‘missed’ field goals. Stafford and the receivers still look a little ‘off’ even though he passed for 300+ yards. R. Bush needs a ‘do-over’ on his goal of not fumbling […]

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