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On to the Lion’s 58th year of rebuilding

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 17•13

Classic Detroit Lion’s performance. Outstanding execution on how-to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. So much credit to go around. Start with spastic performance from Stafford, mix in a healty does of ‘drop-itus’ by your star receiver “Megatron”, pourous secondary pass defense, usual quota of ‘stupid’ penalties, failure to adjust play calling, and inopportune sloppy play by special teams.

This game was almost heatbreaking to watch if you had no history with the Lions. A ‘fitting’ end was the 61 yard field goal reminiscent of the New Orlen’s game long ago when Dempsy kicked a 63 yard field goal to put the Lions out of their play-off misery.

This signals the ‘lift-off’ of another coaching staff and front office changover. Only question is will it be the ‘Chinese water torture’ variety or mass execution. My vote is for the later. Purge and cleanse colonoscopy style. This team has to much talent to waste away again on frivolous experiments. Can you say, Matt Millen? Other NFL teams have risen from the depths of losers to winning teams in less than 57 years.

Upward and onward to our 58th year of rebuilding.

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