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Mercy ending to a pittifull Lion’s year

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 31•13

To the bitter end I did watch. Only the Lions could negate a good punt with an obsecure penalty. Stafford contined in the first half to throw off his back foot.

You knew what was coming when they had a 6 point lead in the closing minutes. Been there done that. Perfect execution by Rodgers with a Lion’s ‘Silver Seive’ pass defence.

This season’s second half was about as enjoyable as pounding your thunb with a hammer just for fun. Now prepare yourself for the ‘joyfull’ introduction of a new coach and all he will bing to ‘fix’ our ‘broken’ Lions.

Beef up the seconday defence, cure the dropped pass syndrome, intsill execution discipline, lessen dependency on C.Johnson and get a decent field goal kicker.

Is this possible with a new coach? Other teams have accomplished turn-arounds in less than 58 years. We just have to wait for the siren call of next season to find out. In the meanwhile faithfull fans will store away their beloved Honolulu blue wearables in anticipation of how we could be delivered from our 58th year of pro football purgatory.

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