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1 week=heaven to hell

If you’ve been Lion’s fan for any time in the last 50 years, this did not come as a surprise. Last week was an example of “guess who came to play today?”. Against the Jets, rose petals and champagne were warranted. However, our local boys failed to show-up playing the Panthers. This game was ceded […]

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No remorse this time

Did the Lions play exceptionally well or did the Vikings play poorly? For certain the Lions never let up and forced the Vikings to play ‘catch-up’ ball. Most glaring difference was rushing yardage. Passing yardage favored the Vikings. Goff continued to take what the Vikings allowed. Initially, ‘stupid’ Detroit penalties portended an almost preordained conclusion. […]

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Lion’s menu: Home style ‘Road Kill’

Some times your the ‘bug’ and some times your the ‘windshield’. Apologies to the ‘Men in Black’ franchise. The Lions did just about everything right to achieve the desired outcome. Scoring on the opening drive conjured up visions of prior games where this was the beginning of the end. However, the momentum continued to build […]

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Entertaining game with same old predictable outcome. Stats were not to far off except for the ‘biggie’. Lions allowed Bills to accumulate 400 yards of offense. Most siginificant ‘chunk’ was in the Bills last drive for the “W”. Lion’s pass defense operates on the ‘bend and crumble’ scheme. Typical ‘turning points’ in the game included: […]

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