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And they keep winning!

Incremental improvements continue to evolve. Game with Tampa Bay Bucs again not deigned as a defensive duel with almost 800 yards of total offense. Lions donated only 17 penalty yards, committed no fumble and threw zero interceptions. Lion’s defensive rush made QB sacks when they counted. Play calling had its moments, seemingly innovative or ‘bland’ […]

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Obie1-Stafford vanquished from Lion’s psychic

This playoff game with the LA Rams had it all. From the opening methodical Lion’s drive for a touch down to LA’s Staffords final drive for failed win salvation. Defense made the difference when it counted. In no way can you ascribe over a total 640 yards of passing offence as a defensive duel. Lion’s […]

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Savior the moment!

For a moment set aside the last game with the Vikings and relish gains made this season. Even with external forces outside of anyone’s control, the Lions had a very good season. Yes, the division was less robust than historical norms but the Lions are undisputed NFC North champions. From here the road traveled becomes […]

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Zebras defile football Gods

Could the egregious non pass interference call in the 2015 wild card game with the Dallas Cowboys with the Lions be surpassed? Rising to the challenge, the referees snatched victory from the maws of the Detroit Lions with a combo of cockamamie penalties. Compounding the refs absurd explanation was video highlighting the exact opposite. Ask […]

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