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Slop-O-Rama begets win!

This turned into a fan favourite game. Start the game getting field goals instead of touchdowns, inexplicable interception pass and jammed up the middle runs. On the other side of play, Lion’s defence had a very good day. Raiders could not score if the Lion’s had the ball almost twice as long. Aside the pick […]

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Humpty Dumpty road trip crisis!

After about 5 minutes into the game, an ending was clear and inevitable. The Lions could not contain a running QB and Raven’s defence overwhelmed Lion’s offensive line. Coupled without any appreciable running game Goff suffered an interminable afternoon. Allowing the opponents over 500 yards of offence and time of possession will take its toll. […]

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Pyretic victory and it’s cost

No denying this game against Tampa’s bucs was J. Goff’s best performance as a Lion’s QB. He compensated for the loss of the Lion’s run game in superlative fashion. Passes were spread across receivers and throws were eloquently threaded between defenders. Receivers adjusted to variations in pass trajectory and maintained control for completions. Textbook execution. […]

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Taking care of business

Classic way of ‘getting it done’. Stat’s differential are similar until you get to the ‘rushing’ and ‘turnover’ column. Built upon the back of Montgomery’s running, Goff distributed the passing game all around. He refrained from desperation tosses and took some classic hits from Panther’s defence. Good sign of toughness and game ‘smarts’. Lion’s offensive […]

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