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Jekyll vs Hyde football

Gentle Lion’s fans, First a disclaimer. Due to a social committment, I was only able to watch the game’s first half. The outcome was never in doubt as I turned off the TV. As usual, our boys put on a performance not suited for those with a weak heat or stomach. How can you have […]

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Purgatory: Detroit Lion’s style

Gentle Lion’s fans, If you sat through this entire game you encountered a sense of deja vous when the Lion’s had the ball on Titan’s 1 yard line and settled for a field goal after consecutive penalties eliminated a possible touchdown. You knew dead certain the outcome. Perhaps the offense misplaced Jim-Bob’s play book and […]

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Welcome to Detroit Lions fantasy football

Ever inventive, the Lions used a blown PAT to create an opening for a loss. For reasons yet to be divined, the Lions seem to ‘back off’ every time they build a substantial lead. It drives me crazy. Yes, some credit must be given to the opponents for adjustments in tactics. A look at the […]

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