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Obie1-Stafford vanquished from Lion’s psychic

Written By: marvinudy - Jan• 15•24

This playoff game with the LA Rams had it all. From the opening methodical Lion’s drive for a touch down to LA’s Staffords final drive for failed win salvation. Defense made the difference when it counted. In no way can you ascribe over a total 640 yards of passing offence as a defensive duel. Lion’s defense rose to the occasion when it really counted in the ‘red zone’. Throughout the game, Lion’s defense harassed Stafford and for the most part forced quick progression to receivers with errant or dropped passes.

Lion’s offensive line and Detroit rushing game allowed Goff the keep LA’s defense ‘honest’. Zebra intervention almost evened out with the exception of a ‘call’ on Decker that was a ‘Ray Charles’ faux pas. Ram’s A. Donald was mostly held at bay but Lion’s cadre of Anzalone, Hutchinson, Gardner-Johnson and Campbell had a productive day.

If a ‘cliche’ ever fit a game, this was it. The Lions bent but never folded and our ‘boys’ in Honolulu Blue earned this win.

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