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Haunting, consistency performance relapse

Written By: marvinudy - Feb• 02•24

Setting aside pregame fervor coupled with post game depression, this game was almost a duplicate of a season’s earlier game where Lion’s functioned flawlessly and finished with a whimper. At first half’s end, initiate Super Bowl plans. Detroit ran all over San Fran on the ground and in the air. The other ‘guys’ can’t score if they don’t have the ball. Time of possession was almost criminal.

Oh wait, must play two more quarters of football. Other team makes second half adjustments and nothing seems to work. Did Lion’s counter adjust? Maybe, but now receivers could not hang onto passes, passes were slightly errant of hurried or both. Run game became stagnant and ‘football gods’ granted favor to the 49ers.

Time to ‘suck it up’, conjure up sensible ways to address fixable flaws on both sides of the game and stride confidently into our 67nd year of rebuilding.

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