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Guess who showed up?

Well boys and girls, the “A” version of the Detroit Lions showed up on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.  Keep in mind that da Bears are not exactly a contending team this year.  I had a strange case of deja vu early in the game when the 14-3 score favoured Chicago.  Enjoy the euphoria while […]

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And you thought you knew UGLY!

Condolences to those fans who watched the Lion’s game on Sunday.  After the Lion’s two trips to the ‘red zone’ and settling for field goals, the eruption of gastric bile up into your throat was to be expected.  How did all the receivers develop “brick hands” at the same time?  They all owe Stafford an […]

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Reality sucks

Well, well here comes a dose of ‘reality’ to our optimistic version of the 2014 Lions brought to you by the NFL schedule.  Anyone notice the the Chicago Bears are not dead and buried?  The Lions resurrected visions of the ‘good ole days’ of harmful penalties, poor pass protection, questionable play calling and  an untimely […]

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Danger lurks in the schedule

The game was exciting but another last minute ‘save’ leaves the lingering question: How will the Lions do against a team who stops the overall passing and running game?  The Lion’s ‘short’ pass defence was lacking.   Also,  R. Bush did not seem quite ‘up to speed’.  At first glance the remaining schedule looks favourable for […]

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