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Danger lurks in the schedule

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 11•14

The game was exciting but another last minute ‘save’ leaves the lingering question: How will the Lions do against a team who stops the overall passing and running game?  The Lion’s ‘short’ pass defence was lacking.   Also,  R. Bush did not seem quite ‘up to speed’.  At first glance the remaining schedule looks favourable for the Lions.  Loss of C. Palmer of Arizona, as tragic as it was, is a ‘gift’ to the Lions.  Two of the remaining scheduled games with the Da Bears look like ‘gimmies’ after watching Green Bay completely trash Chicago.  Best to remember that New England and Green Bay probably will wind up in the “L” column.  And never forget the Lion’s uncanny ability to lose games against teams they are supposed to handily defeat.

From here on it’s up to the Detroit Lions to prove they have more than their quirky 4th quarter performance, ‘luck’ and ‘spotting’ opponents large early game leads to get into the play-offs.  Cool Aid anyone?

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