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Reality sucks

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 17•14

Well, well here comes a dose of ‘reality’ to our optimistic version of the 2014 Lions brought to you by the NFL schedule.  Anyone notice the the Chicago Bears are not dead and buried?  The Lions resurrected visions of the ‘good ole days’ of harmful penalties, poor pass protection, questionable play calling and  an untimely doses of the dropped passes.      Two trips to the ‘red zone’ with 6 points as a reward.  Have to admit Prater’s ricochet shot was a moment of excitement.

Green Bay continues to preview a contenders performance.  Optimistically, Chicago could be  a split and New England goes directly to the ‘L’ column.  Tampa Bay and Vikings should favour the Lions but never discount the Lion’s failure to execute.  A 10-6 season at best with a chance for a 11-5 performance.  This portends the vision of another first round play-off elimination.   Oh well, we still have our 59th year of rebuilding to look forward to during the cold winter months and following spring of fan optimism.



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