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And you thought you knew UGLY!

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 23•14

Condolences to those fans who watched the Lion’s game on Sunday.  After the Lion’s two trips to the ‘red zone’ and settling for field goals, the eruption of gastric bile up into your throat was to be expected.  How did all the receivers develop “brick hands” at the same time?  They all owe Stafford an apology.  And then our vaunted defence allowed the Patriots to score 24 points in the first half.  The secondary played soft and Brady was allowed to pick his pass targets at leisure.  Time has passed for excuses.  Sundays performance puts an explanation point on the fallacy of this team being a contender. Welcome to anther season of could a, should a and would a.

Agreed, we need a power running back.  J. Bell would make a good complement as part of a running duet.  R. Bush appears not to have physical longevity as a future.  With the exception of Stafford and Johnson, trade anyone and get a power running back.

The Lion’s season’s finishes will have some unsustainable flares of football highlights but culminate, unfortunately, with more Lion’s “UGLY” at Green Bay.  Our 59th year of rebuilding is mere months away.

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