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Trick but no treat

Yes, the Lion’s ‘sucked’ us in again with their play the first half.  As soon as Stafford got nailed on two Minnesota’s blitzes, the ending was inevitable.  Throw in a helpful pass interference by the Lions and it was adiós Lions.  You would think someone would see that blitzing Vikings were unimpeded and had direct […]

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Bears “out-gift” the Lions

Folks if your into theatrical football, this was the game for you. Titanic efforts by both defenses allowed only 758 yards of total offense.  Extra added spice was mixed in by the referees reviewing game altering calls.  For a change, the best ‘reviewed’ calls went in the Lion’s favor this time.  Golden Tate’s review was […]

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Will someone notify the next of kin?

Even under a local anaesthesia or effects from recreational pharmaceuticals this game was nothing but a “Nightmare at Ford Field”.  When you have exhausted all the ‘creative’ ways to lose games revert back to the old tried and proven techniques of pass interceptions and fumbles.  And boy the Lions put on superb how-to demonstration on […]

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Not good enough to win but bad enough to lose

Where to begin.  First the obvious, Seattle is not the team it was last year.  But the absence of M. Lynch was a gift to the Lions.  Now onto the game.  The Lion’s offence was totally ineffective.  Forget the last minute heroics.  To many 3 and out series when they had the ball.  Kinda begs […]

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