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Bears “out-gift” the Lions

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 19•15

Folks if your into theatrical football, this was the game for you. Titanic efforts by both defenses allowed only 758 yards of total offense.  Extra added spice was mixed in by the referees reviewing game altering calls.  For a change, the best ‘reviewed’ calls went in the Lion’s favor this time.  Golden Tate’s review was a classic beauty.  Both teams were infected by the  ‘stupid penalty’ virus.  Noticeably, Lion’s fans especially give thanks to the Bears for the ‘roughing the passer’ call that allowed Detroit to survive for another play.  Well, a win is a win and historical stats will not contain any footnotes describing any mitigating circumstances in the games’ outcome.

A bright spot if any was passing by Stafford.  Deep passes to Johnson harked back to yesteryears of highlight reel quality.  May you be reminded that Stafford had time to throw but it was generally due to a sub-par Bear’s defensive line and not  Detroit’s sterling offensive line.  Remember back to Stafford running for his life in recent games?  Future opponents will not be as ‘charitable’  as the Bears.

It’s painful, but as fans, we must remember that “putting lipstick on a pig” does not change anything.  Dawn still is still out there representing our 59th year of rebuilding.






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