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Trick but no treat

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 25•15

Yes, the Lion’s ‘sucked’ us in again with their play the first half.  As soon as Stafford got nailed on two Minnesota’s blitzes, the ending was inevitable.  Throw in a helpful pass interference by the Lions and it was adiós Lions.  You would think someone would see that blitzing Vikings were unimpeded and had direct shots at Stafford.  If this is best effort by the offensive line and coaching staff, just use the ‘tackling’ dummy and save Stafford the painful demolition.

The more the Lions play this season the more it resembles all the other ‘disappointing’ seasons.  As Yogi Bera said, “it’s Deja Vous” all over again.  Get ready for all the parsing of words to explain why the Lions fail to execute.  Our 59th year of rebuilding can’t get here soon enough.

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