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Not good enough to win but bad enough to lose

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 06•15

Where to begin.  First the obvious, Seattle is not the team it was last year.  But the absence of M. Lynch was a gift to the Lions.  Now onto the game.  The Lion’s offence was totally ineffective.  Forget the last minute heroics.  To many 3 and out series when they had the ball.  Kinda begs the question why some version of plays in the ‘hurry up offence’ are not reflected in the overall game plan?  And yes, I realize Seattle was in some type of ‘prevent defence’.  Did not have much effect.  The Lion’s running game is still sub-par.

The Lion’s defence did prove that blitzing will keep Wilson running for his life.  He will not last long as a running QB if this continues.  Also, missed tackles helped make him look like a version of Houdini.   Why can they play almost one half of the game with a single penalty and go back to the ‘old ways’ in the second half of the game?

The referees did ‘blow’ the fumble and swatting of the bad out of the end zone.  Think back to the Dallas game and the pass interference call that was reversed.  Is this part of the Lion’s curse and burden to bear forever?  What is going to haunt them is all the injuries incurred in this game.  Sadly, a 6-10 won lost record is about the best outcome for this season.

Now is the time to see what the ‘new guys’ can do.  Give the ‘wounded warriors’ a chance to heal properly and the ‘new guys’ experience they need to adapt to the ‘big show’.

Maybe if all beleaguered Lion’s fans appeal to the ‘on high’ that we have paid our penitence and it is time for the Bobby Lane curse to expire.  If not, it’s on to our 59th year of rebuilding.



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