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Will someone notify the next of kin?

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 12•15

Even under a local anaesthesia or effects from recreational pharmaceuticals this game was nothing but a “Nightmare at Ford Field”.  When you have exhausted all the ‘creative’ ways to lose games revert back to the old tried and proven techniques of pass interceptions and fumbles.  And boy the Lions put on superb how-to demonstration on Sunday.

Someone needs to apply a ‘root cause’ analysis of the Lion’s problems and discontinue all the ‘wishy-washy’ B***S*** trying to explain the latest dismal performance.  The Lions have a problem with: the offensive line, quarterback, running game, defensive secondary or coaching staff or any combination thereof.  Speaking of coaching, did you notice that Caldwell has started to exhibit that ‘deer in the highlight look’ last seen by B. Ross?

The fans have taken notice and will become more vocally vociferous as the seasons drags out.  Remember the grocery paper bags worn by fans in previous years?  That is assuming they even have the fortitude to show up on home game day.  After 58 years of rebuilding we the fans deserve better.  Other NFL teams have arisen from the ‘ashes’ to excel again but our Lions somehow skipped that history lesson.

The 59th year of rebuilding can’t start soon enough!


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