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Musings from the Old Man

Written By: marvinudy

This site is dedicated to the thoughts, observations and general musings generated and accumulated over the years. Over our lifetimes we all have the opportunity to contribute and hopefully enrich this thing we call civilization.
Just a few to get started.

The older we get, time flies but at a slower pace.
Bio breaks become more frequent.
Grand-kids become things of living amazement.
Fundamental basics of life are the root of all satisfaction.
Learning is a lot of fun but progress is slower.
The old music still sounds great.
You realize the value of good health.
Some things from yesteryear are no longer of significance.
Good friends and relatives and precious.
Your mate has always been your best friend.
When your testicle descend into the toilet water, your old.
Shit happens but you do not have to step into it.
The face and body you see in the morning mirror will be with you at days end.
Leave 5 minutes late and all the lights are ‘red’; leave 5 minutes early and all the lights are ‘green’.
Seeing the “Bride” in the woman you married years ago is its own reward.
Farting in the shower is ill advised.
The face in your morning mirror is not what the world sees
Evil farts have incredible ‘hang time’.

If you seek help changing your life, pay attention to the reflection in your mirror.

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