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Hell endures lowest temperature on record!

Gentle Lion’s fans, Yes it’s true. Our beloved Lions are in first place of the NFL-north division and Hell’s climate is flirting with record cold temperatures. This was not a game to stash away in memories of glory but one that should be excepted as is and a win. Stafford had a less than expected […]

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Flirting with disaster Lion’s style

Gentle Lion’s fans, Let’s hope a seasons’ luck wasn’t totally consumed on this game. Yes we won but what should have been a no ‘contest’ was turned into a stomach churning episode. Clearly, Jacksonville’s QB providing the Lion’s defense with two interceptions were made to order ‘gifts’. However, a very special thanks is proffered to […]

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Double jeopardy

Gentle Lion’s fans, Again social commitments prevented me from watching all but the last 7 minutes of the game. Undoubtedly, the best ever. Note to the Vikings: When you think your kill-shot is fatal, check for a pulse. Nothing as dangerous as a wounded Lion. I watched after the Vikings took the lead 16-13 of […]

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