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Lost but maybe not all?

Gentle Lion’s fans, Cowboy’s talent overcame Lion’s grit. However, if Green Bay doesn’t bring their top “A” game next week the Lions are NFC central champs. Based on watching the Packers playing the Bears, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an opening salvo with full out passing schemes by the Lions. Send everybody. Let Stafford […]

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Specter of things to come

Gentle Lion’s fans, The blog was down last week do to a death in our extended family. My nephew succumbed after a long struggle with a fearsome malady and taken from this earth well before his expected time. Our hearts are heavy with the loss of a Colt’s fan and Lion’s blog reader. Sundays’ game […]

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Hard not to believe!

Gentle Lion’s fans, Yes, it’s true the Lions hold their destiny in their very own hands. Sunday’s game with New Orleans was a ‘workman like’ project from start to finish. Not much ‘flash or dash’ but full of ‘slow but sure’ and demonstratively demonstrated by the lopsided time of possession. Almost a ‘throw back’ to […]

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