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Nirvana, as long as it lasts

Congratulation to the boys in Honolulu Blue. Year 66 of rebuilding pays dividends. Winning Sunday’s Viking’s game was a combination of events starting with Viking’s mistakes. Even with their charity our Lions committed three really ‘dumb’ penalties approaching game’s end. Two delay of game and one offside penalties were totally beyond belief. Failure all around […]

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Through the “Looking Glass”

This Bronco’s game demonstrated how to hamper the effects of a mobile QB. Let’s hope the Lions remember the tactics for the next three games, especially with Dallas’s D. Prescott Not a lot of ‘flash or dash’ in this game. Only basic execution demonstrated by solid offensive blocking, crisp pass routes, defensive swarming and with […]

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Hear the bells and fat lady?

Sundays Bear’s game should remove all doubt that this season is kaput. A cursory analysis of the remaining NFL North games can construct a scenario where the Lions assist the Vikings to a ‘backdoor’ entrance into the top of the NFL North winners status. Lions go 1-3 and the Vikings for 3-1. Complexion of play […]

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Spastic, yo yo win

One pertinent key indicator of a championship team is consistent performance. Four quarters of play executed with minimal errors and an absence of charity awarded to opponents is a winner’s standard. Sunday’s display was an antithesis by definition. How do you produce a ‘cliffhanger’ from what should be a ‘no mas’ ending? Play like the […]

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